Interactive Voice Recordings Explained

Interactive Voice Recordings

There are a certain things you can add to your phone line to enhance the operations of your business, and to make you sound more professional. Once of those is professionally voiced, produced and programmed Interactive Voice Recording (IVR).


What Exactly is an IVR?

You have probably already heard many of these systems in place; they are becoming very popular among Australian businesses. Basically, they are the recordings you hear when you call a business, and their sole intention is to help guide you to the right department. They will ask you questions, and you will then be asked to either give a verbal answer, or press a number. Based on the information you supply, you will then be forwarded to the right department.


Why do you need a Professional Audio Production?

You probably can get just anyone to read a script for your IVR – but we will worn you, it will more than likely sound amateur. A professional voice artist knows how to articulate himself or herself and produce a clear and concise reading. A professional audio production will sound much more professional is a great representation of your company.


Why not just use our Receptionist?

Of course that is an option also, but an IVR never needs to take a break, not to go to the toilet, on holidays or for lunch … it works for you for as long you need. 100% reliable! Plus, with an IVR in place, your receptionist will have time to focus on more pressing matters, while your callers are still directed to the appropriate departments.


Procall offer a number of professional telecommunication plans, and many of them include a professionally produced audio production intended for use with your IVR system.


To find out how you can sound more professional, and better utilise your time with your callers, please call our experienced team today on 1800 776 225.

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Messages On Hold Part of your Marketing Strategy?

Put Messages on hold in your marketing mix

Promoting your business is a pivotal part to achieving success. And whilst you need to market your brand externally, focus should also be given to your internal marketing strategies. That’s why telephone messages on hold should really be in every businesses marketing mix.


We know what you are thinking, of course we would say that, after all, creating powerful audio productions for telephone on hold is our business, but, and it is a BIG but, telephone audio advertising is a great way to continue your branding efforts once your customers have called you. Think about it – when you put a caller on hold, you have this extremely valuable airtime to promote the products, services and details about your business that your callers may not already be aware of.


Consider promoting:


  • Secondary products and services
  • Social media networks
  • Add on products
  • Seminars and industry events
  • Company awards
  • New staff members
  • New facilities


Just remember, your callers want to hear about how your product and your service is going to benefit them. Telephone messages on hold allows you to do this in a non-confronting way, at a time where you want to distract them from the fact they are waiting for you.


ProCall’s telephone music and message on hold programs are relatively inexpensive and sound really professional – this will inevitably let your customers know that you aren’t just a small establishment, but instead a business who invests in themselves and has good offering.


The next time you are looking at your marketing mix, we suggest you consider putting telephone messages on hold into, and start entertaining and educating your callers with information about your business and its products and services.

Call Procall today and ask about our telecommunication packages for Australian businesses.

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Avoid APRA and PPCA Fees

Messages on hold

Australian businesses could be hit with fees of up to $9,000 per annum for the right to play protected sound recordings on their phone lines. That means if you are playing the likes of radio or a commercial CD, then you could be slapped with a hefty tariff annually for the right to do so.


Businesses can expect to pay the below fees:

(a combination of fees from the Australasian Performing Rights Association and Phonographic Performance Company of Australia):


1 – 5 lines  $296
6 – 10 lines   $456
11 – 20 lines  $821
20 – 50 lines  $1,221 – $1,635
51 – 100 lines $2,887
101 – 200 lines $5,165
200+ lines at least $8,817


To view the full pricing schedule, please click here for APRA and click here for PPCA.

And these fees are for productions that you as a business have no control over whatsoever. If you are playing radio to your callers, you could be playing music deemed inappropriate for your clientele, or be promotion your competitors who advertise on that particular radio station.


Telephone Message On Hold

ProCall proudly produces high quality audio productions for businesses to play to their callers on hold. Our company is registered with these businesses, and our message on hold packages mean that your business isn’t required to pay the APRA and PPCA tariffs. This could save you thousands each year.


Plus, you will have full control on what is played to your callers, and the messages will be all about your business and products and services. It is another way for you to build your brand, increase inquiries and educate your callers.


ProCall offer the full service – our creative copywriters will prepare your script, our voice artists will then lend their voices to bring your script to life, and our audio engineers will weave their magic and combine music and sound effects to add impact to your professional audio production.


Avoid APRA and PPCA fees and sign up for a ProCall’s telecommunication package today.

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Have you Outgrown your Home Office?

Home OfficeIf you work from a home and have successfully grown your business, how do you know if you have actually outgrown your home office? ProCall explores some sure signs that it is time to upgrade your offices and move out of home.


No work / life balance

Working from home can certainly save you a fortune on rent, but what happens if you spend all your time in the office, rather than spending time with your family or on yourself. Everyone needs a work life balance, and if you are unable to do that working from home, then maybe it is time to move your office elsewhere.


You’re the King of Procrastination

Can’t get started on that big pitch? Is the TV just too enticing, or maybe you the weather is just too great to remain inside. If you can’t get yourself focused to do the work, then a home office won’t help generate an income for yourself.


Meetings with Customers

A home is a great place to entertain family and friends, but business associates and customers? If you are have to meet with stakeholders of any kind on a regular basis, then maybe you need to either hire out a meeting space at a professional premise, or maybe it is time to move your office to a building with its own meeting room.


Be More Visible

Office signage can generate a lot of business. A business office in a street with lots of traffic, streetlight and signage can certainly help make your business more visible.


Hiring Employees

If your business is growing and you need to hire more employees, then it is more professional to offer a better workspace than your home – it will also give you more privacy. A more conventional space will also help your staff feel more at ease and you are more likely to be covered for liability away from your home.


Home offices and garages have been the catalyst for many successful firms (Google started out of a garage), but as every business grows, there comes a time when you will need to move out of the home, and into your own professional space. There are ample options available, you may not need a large office building to start off with, so you may wish to rent a single office from another business. Or you may even just rent out an meeting area when and as needed. Either way, if you want your business to continue to grow, sometimes it is worth taking the plunge and setting up a place of your own.


ProCall can help you with your telecommunication needs for your business, whether it is a home office or in a professional suite of offices – we have a range of telecommunications packages to choose from. And we offer the full service package, from the supply of a state of the art Cisco phone system, 1300 numbers, audio advertising for your phone lines (with professional audio productions) and voice to email and voice direction functions.


Take your business to the next level and call ProCall today.

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Putting Audio into your Marketing Mix

Audio AdvertisingAudio advertising has been around for decades, however the way you distribute audio has evolved somewhat dramatically over the past 10 years.  We look at new ways for businesses to spread their message, reach a much larger audience and get the most from their audio advertising.


Telephone Messages On Hold

Telephone message on hold is innovative way to educate your callers whilst they wait on hold. This would usually be dead time, but with a professionally produced audio production, a telephone message on hold program can help promote your services and products to customers who already have an interest in your business. Telephone messages on hold are a great way to have continuity with your branding, sound professional and increase sales.


Interactive Voice Response

Help your callers get to the department they are looking for with a few easy steps – without interrupting any of your staff. Interactive voice response will help identify the department your caller needs and will help them get to them more efficiently.


Website Audio Advertising

Share your audio productions on your website and let your Internet audience hear what your brand is all about. Sound offers another dimension and aids in the sale of your product / service offering.


Multimedia Presentations

Have a corporate presentation that needs sprucing up? Really want to capture your audience’s attention? Professionally produced audio can do just that – with the use of professional voiceover artists, sound effects and royalty free music, you will have an enticing addition to your corporate presentation.


Social Sharing

Social networking is all the rage in this day and age, and the opportunity to reach an even larger audience much faster is possible through this platform. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are all great avenues to share your audio production with your potential customers. Social sharing audio productions is a great way to further increase your return on investment.


Audio advertising can do wonders for your business and help build brand recognition and increase inquiries (providing you do it properly). Putting audio into your marketing mix is a sure fire way to get the phone lines ringing and your customers talking.

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Music to your Callers Ears

How many times have you called a business and been put on hold to silence or chimes? Apart from sounding ultra unprofessional, you are also potentially frustrating your callers. Instead, why not look at installing a professional music and message on hold program … I guess you could say it would be music to your callers’ ears.


Deathly Silence

If you’ve ever been put on hold to deathly silence, then you will know exactly what I mean – it sounds as if you have been disconnected from the call, and you find yourself constantly looking to see if the seconds are still ticking on the timing. And if you don’t have a timer on your telephone, then you are likely to hang up and never call back!


Annoying Chimes

My husband’s work has chimes playing on their on hold system, and I have to tell you, I can’t stand it. By the time he actually gets to answering my phone call, I feel like I have been on hold for ages, and I feel annoyed at him for making me wait, when in actual fact I have only been on hold for a short period of time. The chimes are so frustrating, that I actually hang up and hope for him to return my call.


Professional Music and Messaging

Telephone music and messaging is a relatively inexpensive way to promote your business, whilst simultaneous entertaining your callers whilst they wait on hold. Providing you invest in a professional audio production with the appropriate music playing in the background, music and messages on hold can be an extremely effective marketing and customer service tool for your business.


Research has also shown that callers are less likely to hang up the phone when greeted with music and messages on hold, and will consider their hold time shorter, than if you were to play chimes or nothing at all.


Procall offer the full range of commercial telecommunication packages, with music and message on hold being part of the package. If you are interested in making your business sound more professional, and reduce caller hang-ups, then please contact us today.


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Messages On Hold- The New Customer Service Representative

Telephone Messages on HoldAudio advertising for businesses phone lines is becoming increasingly popular in Australia, and it really is no wonder as telephone messages on hold is a fabulous branding platform, that also acts as an additional customer service representative.


Think about it, your callers have waiting for you, and instead of infuriating them with silence, annoying them with chimes or advertising your competitors by playing the radio, you can have your very own professionally recorded audio advertisements playing to your callers on hold.


These messages will effectively be informing your customers about your business and its products and services, and it could effectively answer any questions your callers may be calling for – acting inadvertently as another customer service representative for your business.


Our Service


All you have to do is sign up for one of our cost effective telephone message and music on hold programs, and our staff will do the rest.




Our very creative copywriters will play with words to produce a compelling script to entice and entertain your callers.


Voice Artists


We have access to thousands of very talented voice actors who will bring your script to life – in a range of character voices, tones and accents. Our voice artists come from all parts of the world, and we have male, female and children’s voices also.


Audio Producers


Our experienced audio producers have an abundance of experience manipulating audio to create high quality telephone message on hold recordings.


Sound more professional with ProCall’s commercial telecommunication packages today.

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Audio Advertising for your Telephone Lines

Telephone Audio AdvertisingBusinesses throughout the world spend a fortune on trying to get their phones to ring, and all too often, they neglect to continue to market their products and services when it does.


Believe it or not, but a businesses telephone lines offer an extremely valuable piece of airtime. Think about it, customers who are already interested in your product are calling you; and when you put a customer on hold you have this additional time to sell your product or services benefits – in a discreet manner.


Best of all, audio advertising for your phone lines helps your business to sound much more professional, and research has shown that an audio distraction will decrease caller hang-ups. There are a number of formats for you to use professional audio on your phone lines. They are:


Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

What to help your customers get to the right department? Then an IVR might be just what you are looking for. These systems, combined with a clear professional voice over will help ascertain where your caller wants to go, without the need to disrupt your staff.


Telephone Messages On Hold

If you put your callers on hold, then you need to make sure you are taking full advantage of this perfect opportunity to give your products and services a plug. With professional voice artists and a crafty script, you can educate your callers about your other products and services, inform them about your loyalty programs and continue to brand your product. Messages on hold is a much more strategic alternative to silence, chimes or the radio on hold.


Professional Voice Messages

A professional voice recording for your voice messages will ensure your business sounds professional, and that your customer can understand the voice message. Voice artists are trained in articulating a message in a way that is clear and concise, whereas staff may not always do this effectively.


A Businesses phone lines is an integral part of any corporate. Not only are they a way to communicate with your customers, but also another (inexpensive) marketing channel.


Enterprise Search – Receive free exposure on the search engines simply by placing your business information in our free online business directory.


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Customer Referrals and your Business

Online Customer ReferralsCustomer referrals don’t just come in the form of a friend referring another friend, customer referrals are all over the Internet – customer review platforms, social media, and forums. The thing with online referrals, is they are available across the globe and as soon as they are published. Google will even rank their Google Places listing based on the number of good customer referrals a company has, so what is your business doing to ensure your customer experience is acknowledged?

Unfortunately, in our society consumers tend to focus on the negative, so with every four good customer referrals, there are ten bad. What do you need to do to make sure your business is getting the good referrals?

Engage with Customers

Now more than ever, businesses have the means to really engage with customers, and there are so many channels that allow them to effectively do so. Understanding your customers and knowing what they want from your business will allow you to enhance the customer experience with your products and services.


Strategic Online Promotions

According to a report compiled by Wildfire, UK fashion group, H&M engages with their customers through a series of drive and discover strategies. They supply a variety of media that is specifically posted so that their customers can discover, then share and repost – hence referring H&Ms products to their friends on various social media platforms. Discussions on various relevant forums and blogs were found, again enhancing H&Ms online exposure.

H&M may have a much larger budget, and possibly a much higher profile, but a strategic online marketing campaign can certainly help to boost your profile in the online arena. Be strategic, plan, montior and report. Online is an extremely powerful channel, however it can go both ways, so the need to moderate your campaign is absolutely pivotel to your brand’s success.

Ask for Referrals

As we mentioned before, Goolge Places (a free listing with Goolge’s local search) is often optimised by the number of positive reviews posted by your customers (not confirmed by Google). If your business has a number of happy customers, make sure to get their testimonial – for both your own website, and other sites such as Google and Yelp. According to the study conducted by Wildfire, “83% of consumers say user reviews often or sometimes impact their purchase decisions.”

Customer referrals has always been, and will always be a major influencer in the world of business. Ensure your business is providing a great customer experience to ensure you get honourable customer referrals.

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